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We “Crazy fan girls”

I recently watched SS3 3D yesterday October 15, 2011(Donghae’s birthday).

I expect to see many ELFs there and I was right ELFs are all over gateway.

In the food court

In the malls hallway

In different boutiques…

PH ELFs are just all over…but there are also many non-ELFs or those that doesn’t have any ideas about SJ.

I can define ELFs from not ELFs because:

1) Outfit. ELFs wears SJ goodies like baseball jacket which has a print SUPER JUNIOR at the back, SPAO birthday caps of SJ and other SJ shirts made by fans.

2) GROUP. They came in groups, mostly group of girls. To my amazement there are some fanboys.

3)SJ MERCHANDISE. Yes they all have different SJ goodies with them like lights sticks, SJ bags, clearfiles, folders, cellphone lanyards etc.

4)5JIB. Other ELFs have their 5JIB Ver A with them. Maybe they just got it or they just want to have it with them during SJ events.

5)TOPIC. They talk about Super Junior. They are actually spazzing about them.

It was 12:00 PM there are already ELFs lining up outside the cinema. The line become so long when it was 2:30 PM (The screening time is 4:00 PM). The line even block the entrance of Premier Cinema of gateway. We were advice by the security personnel of Gateway to cut the line so we won’t block the entrance for the premier cinema. 

In the line I already saw many non-ELF. Like the people working in the premier cinema. I can see the big question marks on their faces why the line is so long. There are also bunch of teenage guys who passed by us commented about the long line(ELFs lining up for SS3 3D), someone even commented mga “KPOP oh”. It was almost 4:00 when I heard screams. That is the sign that we are now allowed to get inside the cinema. But PULP has more for us because they already set up the life size standees of SJ outside. Screams are all over the place as the line starts to move.

After watching I was still in amazement. I want to re-watch it again. It was purely DAEBAK!.

The standees were still there and Ms Happee said we can take pictures with the standees after the 6:30 batch get inside the cinema. So we stayed there for a bit so that we can take picture. Then a couple passed by us and I’ve heard the girl said “Who are they(SJ)?” giggled and left. I admit I actually got pissed by her comment and I tell my co-ELF about her. Just to let it off I just comment “Duh di niya kilala SJ?Di siya up-to-date yuck LOL”

When we are in the line to take picture with the lifesize standees. I’ve heard the security guard of the cinema, where SS3 3D is being show, and another security personnel/pulp personnel that organizes our line. Their conversation goes somewhat like this:

Organizer:(to Security Guard) Tignan mo magpapapicture lang ehh *laughs*

SG: Oo nga ehh.

*Their expressions are like *WTH are these girls up to?*

We have already taken our pictures but we decided to stay there for a bit decided where to go next when a group of old men passed by us. They were looking at us with puzzled expressions and one commented “Grabe oh magpapapicture lang eh(with the life size standees) di naman totoo ung pinipicturan”. 

I know those mentioned above and many more who have seen us get crazy over SJ, life size standees, the life size standees falling etc. thinks that we are crazy and some may ask “WTH these people are up to?”. I admit yes we may look like a fool/crazy but these are just how we express our love and support for SJ and we don’t care about what others think and say about us, as long as it is for SJ we will do anything because

ELFs and SJ together FOREVER. 


A funny moment :D

There is this guy who takes care of the SJ life size standees. So whenever the standees falls, we ELFs scream and his expression was *WTH* sabay kamot sa ulo 

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